viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

The first dresses for Merida

The first dress I probed to Merida wasn't made for her. It was made for a vintage doll of my mom, which was found inside an old box, in a loft of my Grandma's house. The vintage doll appeared naked and we made a dress for her. Then, I probed it to Merida and the result was this:

Merida with the first dress I probed to her

She looked such fantastic with it!

But the dress was returned to its owner, my mom's doll, so we designed a dress specially made for Merida, a replica of one of my handmade night-dresses:

The material of the dress is 100% velvet, it's so soft and the fabric is very high quality.

Merida is a very good model! And green tones fit very good with her red hair and green eyes.

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